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X Dance Is Taking Country Dancing To The World

Do You Have What It Takes To Be On The 2023 Team?

Hey Country Dancers!

Auditions for the 2023 X Dance Team are underway!

Over the weekend, we held stage one. We had a great turn out and we saw some amazing dancing.

But… we realized that there were some who couldn’t make the in person audition, and some were disappointed that they didn’t make it through to the next round.

So, we’re holding a “Second Chance” audition!

This time it will be a virtual audition. If you weren’t able to make the in person audition … or you did but would love for the team to take another look, click the link in this post to send us a video of you dancing!

This year is gonna be awesome! Let’s Get Yer Two Step On!

The 2022 X Dance Team Performs At The Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA.

If you are chosen to join the X Dance Team, you will have the opportunity to perform at various events and venues across the country, as well as participate in some exciting X Dance TV shows. And the best part? There is no cost for practices, choreography, or training.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your talent and bring country dancing to the world, all while receiving top-notch training at no cost to you and participating in exciting X Dance TV shows. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

The 2022 X Dance Team Performs At The Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA.

A look behind the scenes at Stagecoach 2022

More than just dancing

We’re looking to create a TEAM. We’ll have lots of opportunities to travel, dance, and get into all kinds of mischief that we’ll tell stories about for years to come.

Chemistry is everything. We’ll spend a lot of time together and we want everyone to have the time of their lives.

Being a great dancer is important… but being a great dancer with a great attitude is gold. (No negativity allowed here!)


We wrote down the stuff you're going to ask so you don't have to

We’ll host the tryouts from 8:00pm to 9:00pm just before the Jack and Jill Dance Competition at Buck’s Backyard in Austin, TX. – 1750 S Farm to Market 1626 Buda, TX 78610

We currently have 7 team members (including A&R) continuing from last year’s team and will recruit 7 more plus an additional 2 alternates. In all, we need 4 leaders and 5 followers.

We will do our best to keep regular partners together as we feel like there will be a better chemistry on and off the performance floor… but we may offer some single leaders/followers a spot by themselves.

This is a real dance TEAM. Practices, choreography, classes, coaching, etc will be free to members. We won’t be charging you for anything.

Of course, you’ll be responsible for your own clothes/costumes, and food/drinks etc. We will participate in some events that will cover our travel/lodging expense in part or in full. We’ll vote on which events we want to participate in and decide how we’ll share expenses in the case they are unavoidable.

The answer to this will come in a few parts … The first thing to know is that we intend to do our best to combine multiple activities into the same day so that there isn’t as much traveling involved.

While choreography will be produced on video for individual couples to practice, we hope to practice as a group around twice a month for a couple hours at a time. We can discuss various practice locations to make sure it is as convenient as possible for everyone.

We do have performance events planned for 2023 but, due to contract terms, cannot disclose those to the public here. Additional events will be discussed among the group and voted on accordingly. You’ll also be able to present ideas to the group for consideration.

Another exciting thing that the team will be doing in 2023 is original X Dance TV show series. You’ll become comfortable being filmed for sure. More info on these later!

We’ve already been asked this question A LOT and realize that not everyone has a regular partner. While partner dancing is pretty difficult without a partner, we want to try to help anyone who wants to tryout that doesn’t have one. We’ll be making announcements in the various online groups and on our social media to help connect people looking.

If you have a regular dance partner, we encourage you to tryout with them! 

We aren’t fond of the idea of splitting up regular partners as that could cause drama down the road (did we mention a drama-free philosophy?). Each dancer will fill out a form before auditioning to let us know whether you are open to being selected solo or prefer staying with your regular partner.

We hadn’t thought about this until someone asked. As we anticipate participating in events where alcohol is present such as dancehalls etc, the team has voted that all team members must be age 21+.

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