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Interactive Dance Lessons

Our Interactive Technology is designed to simulate private one-on-one lessons. They're kind of like a video based "choose your own adventure" story where you can choose the direction the lesson goes next. Need more information about something? Just touch the screen and let us know what you need. Having trouble with part of a move? Just tell the platform what you're having trouble with and get help with that specific thing.

Traditional Dance Videos

Get full access to ALL of the instructional dance videos contained within X Dance with new lessons added every month! Learn Country, Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and more.

YouTube Video Collection

If you like the X Dance YouTube channel, you'll love how the videos are organized by dance style and level for easy reference. You'll know exactly which moves to learn in the correct order!

Online Video Early Access

You'll get early access to many of our online videos before the public! Learn all of the new X Dance moves before any of your dance friends.

Move Of The Week

Get exclusive access to the "Move Of The Week". You won't find this lesson anywhere else... it's only for X Dance members!

The X DanceGram

Dance Tips, Rants, Special Events, Inspiration, and more ... delivered right to your inbox.

The X "Dancehall"

The Dancehall is our community forum here within X Dance that’s going to connect you with thousands of other dancers just like you.