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“The World’s First Interactive Virtual Dance Training Technology.”



You Save $120/Year When Paid Yearly! ($444/yr)

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No contracts, no long term commitments. Cancel any time.

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You’ll Get Access To:

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Interactive Dance Lessons

Our Interactive Technology is designed to simulate private one-on-one lessons. They're kind of like a video based "choose your own adventure" story where you can choose the direction the lesson goes next. Need more information about something? Just touch the screen and let us know what you need. Having trouble with part of a move? Just tell the platform what you're having trouble with and get help with that specific thing.

Traditional Dance Videos

Get full access to ALL of the instructional dance videos contained within X Dance with new lessons added every month! Learn Country, Swing, Ballroom, Latin, and more.

YouTube Video Collection

If you like the X Dance YouTube channel, you'll love how the videos are organized by dance style and level for easy reference. You'll know exactly which moves to learn in the correct order!

Online Video Early Access

You'll get early access to many of our online videos before the public! Learn all of the new X Dance moves before any of your dance friends.

Move Of The Week

Get exclusive access to the "Move Of The Week". You won't find this lesson anywhere else... it's only for X Dance members!

The X DanceGram

Dance Tips, Rants, Special Events, Inspiration, and more ... delivered right to your inbox.

The X "Dancehall"

The Dancehall is our community forum here within X Dance that’s going to connect you with thousands of other dancers just like you.

“Interactive Dance Training PLUS live classes, learning tools and more



You Save $120/Year When Paid Yearly! ($564/yr)

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No contracts, no long term commitments. Cancel any time.

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Everything In Basic, Plus:

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Weekly Live Classes

Just like you were in person at our dance studios, log in for live streamed group classes. You'll be able to interact directly with the instructors, ask questions, and get help with anything you may be having trouble with. Classes are regularly scheduled in all dance styles and levels.

Tips And Technique Videos

We've all seen that couple on the dance floor just trying to string moves together but it just ends up looking rough and uncomfortable. New moves is only part of becoming a good dancer. The truth is that HOW you dance is far more important than WHAT you dance.

Extended YouTube Collection

For many of our most popular YouTube videos, we have created additional members-only content to help you really "get it." Similar to the Interactive lessons, you'll be able to view both the leader's and follower's footwork, bird's eye view, leader's point of view, and more.

The Vault

This is where you'll find a collection of documents, spreadsheets, check lists, dance curriculum, practice drills, notes, blogs, and more.

You'll have unlimited access to download and/or print all of the special pdf forms contained within X Dance from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Weekly Live Q&A

Join us for a special Members-Only Live Q&A with the X Dance professionals. You'll be able to ask any questions you have and get them answered live. We will also answer any interesting questions asked throughout the week for every one.

Practice Music Collection

Practice makes perfect, right? BUT ... practicing to the wrong music or the wrong tempo can make things far more difficult than they need to be. Pro and Elite members have access to a library of practice music organized by dance style and tempo. Just click on any song in the music collection and practice!

“The ULTIMATE in virtual dance training, plus one-on-one private instruction.”



You Save $1,200/Year When Paid Yearly! ($2364/yr)

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No Contracts, No Long Term Commitments. Cancel Any Time.

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Everything In Pro, Plus:

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Live Private Critiques

Once each month you'll be able to schedule a live private critique with the X Dance instructors. During this 10 minute one-on-one live streamed session, you'll be able to show your instructor what you have been working on, troubleshoot any challenges you may having, ask questions, and get feedback in real time.

Video Upload Critiques

In addition to live private critiques, you can also send the X Dance instructors recorded videos of your dancing and get video feedback in return. You'll get personal feedback on exactly what YOU should be focusing on to improve your dancing!

Elite Support

Get priority chat access to the X Dance instructors and support team. Got a dance question? Need help with a move? You'll have access to a private chat line direct with our professional instructors.

Gear Store Discounts

Get exclusive discounts up to 50% off X Dance gear and merchandise in the Gear Store.

Private Lesson Discounts

Get 25% off single private lessons and lesson packages.

Special Event VIP Access

You'll get first dibs on all live event and private streams before they're available to the public, plus access to "Meet and Greet" events with the X Dance instructors.