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Here’s what happens if you already have an X Dance Classic membership:

X Dance Classic and X Dance TV are entirely different software and built on different platforms.

When you sign up for an X Dance TV trial membership, you will not lose your X Dance Classic account and will be able to continue using it for the remaining term of your paid membership.

We will, however, cancel the billing of your X Dance Classic account at the end of your X Dance TV trial so that you are not double billed in the future.

X Dance Classic users are not required to sign up for X Dance TV, but we do recommend signing up for a trial to see all of the upgraded content, features, and lessons available inside the platform. 

Basically, X Dance TV has EVERYTHING that is available in X Dance Classic PLUS HUNDREDS of new videos and features.

It really is a huge upgrade that you’ll have to see for yourself!

The majority of our design and development efforts moving forward will be focused on X Dance TV, but we’ll continue to support X Dance Classic as long as customers continue using it. 

No, X Dance TV is a completely different platform and you only get an account if you sign up for it.

Absolutely. You can get started with a 14-day free trial of X Dance TV by going [HERE].

I mean … if you want to, sure. The truth is that everything that is in XD Classic is also contained inside XDTV. It’s just that there is A LOT of content and features inside XDTV that have never appeared in XD Classic.

X Dance TV is an entirely new concept. You could say that the content of X Dance Classic is contained within XD TV.

The two platforms are built with a different software, and X Dance TV has A LOT of features and capabilities that were not available in Classic… and we are just getting started with the content and features we have in store for you!

In addition to lots of new dance instruction, we have also begun to make X Dance TV a hub for “Dancertainment”.

Simply put, X Dance TV is the realization of the original dream of X Dance Classic without the obstacles and hurdles of the original platform.